Talk to Strangers in Kannada
Talk to Strangers

You may need to talk to stranger or people you do not know when you go to some place. Here are some sentences that can help you cope with talking in Kannada.

What is your name?

Nimma Hesaru Ennu? (For elders)
Nin Hesaru Ennu (For those younger to you)

Where is your house?
Nimma Manne Yelli

Where are you from (native)?
Nimma Uro Yavadu.

Can you tell me this address?
Ee Address yell barathe helthira

Can you tell me where this place is?
Ee jaaga yell barathe

Can you tell me whether Mr. XYZ lives here?

XYZ ravara manne yell barathe

Did you have breakfast?
Thindi aayitha

Did you have lunch/ dinner?
Oota aayitha

Did you have tea/ coffee?
Tea/Coffee aayitha